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In which league are you playing?

We have never seen more rapidly changing business environments; most forecasts are indicating that the next few years will be even more challenging (or include much more opportunities depending on how you would like to look at it). Running an organisation today means that you need to act fast and adapt to the changing circumstances. Your organisation also needs to increase its capacity to meet the ever-changing market demands.

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Six stages of appraisal and feedback

Significant changes in how business leaders work with feedback and development have occurred during the past few years. More and more of the organisations we work with have begun to recognise the connection between clear, relevant feedback, employee development, and the subsequent improvement of business results. Being transparent and open in giving and receiving feedback, with the aim to set clear expectations and support employees’ development processes, is an important element in creating psychological safety. In return, an organisation that is able to establish a culture with psychological safety will experience a faster development process and higher levels of motivation.

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Implementing a feedback culture

Working with leaders across the globe for the last 20 years it very often strikes us how difficult it seems to be to use one of the most powerful tools that leaders have in their toolbox to enable performance. Feedback is essential for fast development and growth of people and organisations and the best thing of all its free of charge. This article will provide you with some thoughts, ideas, and practical tips on how to implement a feedback culture in your organisation. However, it is impossible to describe a process where one size fits all since the as-is culture in the organisation very much sets the baseline for where and how to start or how to continue the journey.

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