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The Insights For You App as a Business Consultancy Tool
For you as a business consultant it’s vital to contribute to your clients’ day-to-day life by bringing direct, substantial and sustainable value. Most probably you help them to uncover “how” they go about their work and provide solid insights for them to work with, which lead to real proof of impact.
By adding the Insights For You App, tailor-made to match your needs in terms of looks and content, to your existing tool-box you get a significant add-on to the services you already provide to your clients. Depending on the needs of your client, you can adjust the content and subsequently follow-up on the desired behaviours they want to see more of in their organisation.
Our easy-to-use 360 degree feedback tool works as catalyst for improving the collective strength of your clients organisation. The insights provide you, as a consultant, with the ability to guide your clients better and suggest how to focus attention, activities and resources in the best possible way.
Insights For You is a tool which enables you to work with your client’s leadership capabilities, a tool for creating a high level of psychological safety within an organisation, a tool for implementing key behaviours and for realising development possibilities - These possibilities are in the hands of you and your clients.

``This app helped us to find the areas where employees could grow and enhance their competence. With this knowledge an individual plan could be laid out.``

Andreas FCTO

``It has been a very user friendly product that has allowed my team and I to review each other. Highly recommend using this in teams.``

Keith FCo Owner

``I enjoyed it, working online was easy, and also very convenient to have it on your phone as an app.``

Denise PMarket Manager

``Insights For You was very easy and simple to use and helpful to figure out what I need to work on to become better for my team.``

Madison FConsumer Insights analyst

``The thing I liked most about this software was how simple it was to send out your survey and to collect anonymous ratings. I also really liked the comparison chart to see the difference of how I rated myself and how others rated me.``

Kayla DStudent

``I like that it gave me an idea of what colleagues thought of my work and contributions to the team.``

Benjamin LAnalyst

``Great experience, created a lot of good discussions. Easy navigation, great features, easily categorized and organized analytics.``

Jordan MStudent

``It really worked well for self-reflection and as well as receiving feedback from colleagues on your performance during the semester.``

Brianna SMarketing Associate

Experience the power of our mobile app! Our app has received great reviews on Capterra for its many features, user-friendly interface, and seamless performance. Download the Insights For You app today and discover why our app is the perfect 360 tool for your development purposes.