Insights For You - A user friendly 360 Degree Feedback Tool

360 degree feedback tool

The constant change in society drives new demands on increased individual development. Insights For You offers a whole new way to help individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. By combining powerful 360° degree feedback with an efficient and easy-to-use app, you get true insights on your professional strengths and development areas.

With the results, we help you create your development plan and to work further with your actions, before you measure and validate your changed behaviour. The process works perfectly on individual, team or organizational basis.

Do you want an efficient tool to help you with your development – download the Insights For You app today.

Are you an employer, looking to strengthen your culture by getting insights on the aggregated behaviour among your staff – contact us for a tailor-made setup.

Meet the Team

Insights For You (IfYou AB) was founded by Peter Lysell and Mikael Perdin in 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The concept of the Insights For You 360 degree feedback tool was developed through years of experience, collaboration with more than 5 000 leaders internationally, and by learning that the perfect work environment (where people can reach their full potential) is actually quite rare and uncommon. Insights For You aspires to be the key to opening up a Pandora’s box of feedback, continuous individual development and organisational growth.
By using 360° feedback methodology, which is adjusted to the organisation’s overall strategy and transformed into concrete behaviours, the Insights For You app aims to challenge the existing providers of feedback solutions. The corner stones in our solution are; to keep it simple and to make the app available to as many people as possible. This enables frequent and regular usage without any hassle. Quality feedback is a prerequisite for success in any organisation.
Mikael Perdin

Mikael is our go-to-guy when it comes to effective structure and management by objectives – rest assure that all our targets are SMART.

Christian Lindholm

Our CEO juggles finance, product development, marketing and customer relations on a daily basis. By the looks of it he's soon ready to join the circus.

Peter Lysell

If the perfect idea generator would have a face, it would probably be Peter’s. His creativity secures that we will never run out of development possibilities.

Shirley Lane
Project Coordinator

If the devil is in the details, we haven’t experienced that yet - all thanks to Shirley. Her perfectionist approach is accompanied by a thorough holistic understanding.

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