How to strategically elevate the performance of your company

Accelerating the winning behaviours you want to see more of

The Insights For You process starts by defining the desired behaviour you want to see more of in your organisation. It could relate to leadership behaviour, sales behaviour or behaviour connected to sustainability, innovation or something else. By measuring the true as-is status in the organisation, through our effective 360° feedback app, you get comprehensive information on your organisation’s current performance. Then it’s much easier to initiate the right activities and to develop, before you measure again and get validated improvements. A way to dramatically accelerate your organisational growth.

Customised 360 degree questionnaires and features to match your organisational needs

Insights For You connects organisational strategies and core values into tangible and measurable behaviours and connects them into 360 degree questionnaires that are relevant and recognisable for you and your organisation. This unique 360° feedback methodology, packaged in an easy-to-use app, secures real individual and organisational progress. The Insights For You app aims to provide feedback to everyone in an organisation, and to do it better, more efficiently, more user-friendly, remotely and at a moderately low cost.
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    Together, we discuss what competencies are vital for delivering your strategy. Then we create suggestions for questions adjusted for the different roles in the organisation.

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    Having finalised the app questionnaire content, we decide on the visual app layout including logotype, colour scheme and other supporting material.

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    Within a day or two we set up the 360 app environment and supply the unique access code for your organisation to be able to access your tailor-made version of the app.

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    After a successful run through we support you in the launch of the app towards the organisation. The implementation process often consists of an introduction to the overall concept of feedback and the app itself.

Experience the power of our mobile app! Our app has received great reviews on Capterra for its many features, user-friendly interface, and seamless performance. Download the Insights For You app today and discover why our app is the perfect 360 tool for your development purposes.

Grow Your Business!

Engage your employees in self development with the help of 360 feedback. Strengthen your organisation by analysing behavioural patterns.

Identify “top performers” that can be targeted for leadership development.

Identify strengths and development needs and provide a basis for a development plan.

Create a culture of open feedback and discussions.


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