Insights For You -
Start Your Feedback Process

The insights you gain from the 360 process will accelerate the behaviours that are most important in your role. Start by doing a self-assessment and get a feeling for the questions and the flow of the process. Watch our introductory video to get your 360 journey started.
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Insights For You 360 app

Insights For You - Let's look at the Results!

I this video we offer an explanation of how to interpret your results from the 360 feedback. Since the 360 process is for development purposes, we look for a range of scores between high and low. This is to ensure that it clearly helps you to identify your strengths and development areas. A diversified result is generally a good result.

Insights For You -
Turn Your Insights Into Actions

Now it’s time to create your development plan and to turn your insights into actions. You can find a more detailed development plan template below. Let’s start by setting a few clear goals for yourself.
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We have created a small guide to use your scores together with your own experience to create a personal development plan. Your plan can be short or long term – it is entirely up to you!
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