The 360 Degree Feedback App

Turning FEEDBACK into INSIGHTS has never been easier.
The Insights For You 360 degree feedback app helps people to easily identify their strengths and development areas enabling them to achieve their development goals.
By connecting organisational strategy and core values into tangible and measurable behaviours, we develop questionnaires that are relevant and recognisable for you and your organisation.
The unique 360° feedback methodology is packaged in an easy-to-use app, and delivers a comprehensive and effective overview of results.
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360 degree feedback app

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Insights & Updates

In our quest for making feedback a core part of the development process we come across a lot of valuable insights that we regularly reflect upon. Sometimes these reflection sessions materialise into ideas, suggestions and shorter articles that we publish. Feel free to share our Insights within your organisation! Click on the button below to gain access to our Insights & Updates area.
Insights & Updates
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